REVIEW for The Essence of Reiki (Home Study Course)

REVIEW for The Essence of Reiki (Home Study Course)

The Essence of Reiki (Home study course) is not only limited to the fundamentals and practice of Reiki but an essential resource to start own healing and practice school and resolve issues of past, present and future using Reiki symbols.

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I am reviewing this Reiki Home Study Course for two main reasons. It surprised me to find the practical oriented Reiki course being offered as a Learn Reiki Yourself concept. Second reason is to explore the possibility of becoming a certified Usui Reiki master in as little time as 24 hours though there are no hard and fast rules on the time frame. I understood the dedication of Garry & Adele Malone towards Reiki and their vast experience as Reiki masters. I have been inspired by their commitment to bring Reiki Course to the doorsteps to create more teachers and masters to spread the awareness about usefulness of Reiki to people. I joined this course to learn Reiki. I found the lessons starting from the basics of Reiki without assuming anything about your knowledge levels. I suggest it to everyone be it beginners or experts as the information and learning material is interesting to anyone with any level of exposure to Reiki.

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Many people are not aware of the usefulness of Reiki and what to expect from this Reiki home study course. This course covers all the three levels required to become a Reiki Master. First I became a Reiki Practioner moving to the second level as Advanced Reiki Practitioner and finally as Reiki master and teacher. Being a Reiki practitioner you can help yourself and your family and friends with self treatment and treatment to closed ones. In the learning path towards Advanced Reiki practitioner you learn to treat people from distance and to treat the community and start Reiki practice as a business. Final course concentrates on becoming a Usuki Reiki Training master to train people. I clearly understood from the course that Reiki is an ongoing learning process with endless possibilities of self learning and exploring new areas of discovery.

Now equipped with the Usuki Reiki Master certification, I was wondering how to make a business out of it. Garry & Adele Malone assured be a 12 months support post training to help me in my practice and business and they offer this to everyone joining this course – a perfect hand holding effort to make sure you know your direction in establishing your business. Lot of essential things needed in the Usui Reiki practice and business are given free ensuring the course as a one stop course for everything you need to establish yourself into a successful Reiki Practice.

I am sure with genuine interest to learn Reiki and with a comprehensive course like this, you are sure to get more than your time and money value. Good things do not come free and so is this Reiki Home study course, but it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund within 8 weeks.

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I would give a rating of 10 out of 10 for this course that gave me a satisfaction of learning Reiki at my own pace with the comfort of being at home.


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